Rechargeable Airgun

Артикул: 7379
This Rechargeable Airgun weighs less than 2 lb. and operates like a cordless drill. Just squeeze the trigger to start the air flowing and it automatically shuts off when the desired tire pressure is reached. Simply set the psi on the easy to read LCD screen and the Airgun does the work. The built-in bright LED illuminates the area making it perfect for nighttime use and dark hangars. We tested the Airgun and it will take a standard Cessna 172 tire from 30 PSI to 38 PSI in approximately 30 seconds. Included adaptors for sports balls and inflatables conveniently store on the inflator. The lightweight lithium-ion battery recharges in about two hours with the 120v wall charger. For continuous power, an 11' long 12v adaptor is included for use in the accessory port. Switchable between psi, kpi, and bar. Includes a padded carrying case for neat storage.
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