Портативный кондиционер Arctic Air / Arctic Air Portable Air Conditioner (30 qt. - single fan - 12 volt)

Артикул: 7389

A $600 solution to a $25,000 problem

Installed air conditioners can cost a lot of money and add weight to your aircraft all year. This portable unit provides impressive cooling and can be left in the hangar when not in use. Arctic Air works by blowing ambient air across a coil cooled by ice water. The cool air is blown into the cockpit providing a comfortable air temperature even in the hot summer sun. Simply place Arctic Air in the plane, fill it up with ice and plug it in to the cigarette lighter. Hours of comfort will follow.


  • No installation
  • High and low settings
  • Cools over three hours on low
  • High can change the temperature as much as 35 degrees
  • Fan will not interfere with the radio
  • Totally portable
  • Does not pull power from the engine
  • No STCs required
  • Does not add humidity to the air

Included drainage tube allows you to leave Arctic Air in the plane and pump the water out on to the ground. Included flexible tubing aim the cool air where it is most needed. Available in 12 volt models and designed to run off the voltage from the cigarette lighter. Most aircraft put out 12V from the cigarette lighter plug; consult your POH to find the appropriate voltage for your aircraft. Power cord 7 1/2' long.

Measures 17"w x 17"h x 10"d; 5 amps; 14 lbs. empty weight; and 34 lbs approx. full weight.