Telex Airman 750 Headset

Артикул: 1173
Гарнитура Telex Airman 750 является наиболее продаваемой среди авиационных гарнитур, обладающих малым весом.
Гарнитура Telex Airman 750 оснащена электретным микрофоном с системой шумоподавления для обеспечения высокого качества передаваемого голоса, а регулируемые оголовье из нержавеющей стали и гибкая стрела микрофона обеспечат комфорт даже при долгих перелетах.
Гарнитура Telex Airman 750 изготовлена в США и соответствует требованиям FAA TSO C57a и C58a.


The Airman 750 features open-air style earphones that allow for long-term, fatigue-free usage.


The earphone housings are mounted on stainless steel sliders which permit over two inches of fitting adjustment and the ear cushions are removable for easy field replacement. In addition, the microphone boom is flexible for optimum microphone placement and is reversible for wearing on either side of the head.

Sound Quality

The Airman 750 features a miniature, amplified, noise-cancelling electret microphone that provides superior 400Hz hum rejection.  *Available only on the Airman 750 model

Versions Available

In addition to the Airman 750, The Airman 760 model is available to order. This version is identical to the 750 except it does not have a microphone.

FAA TSO Approval

The Airman 750 is approved for aircraft use under FAA TSO C57a and C58a; the Airman 760 is approved under TSO C57a.
Boom Flexible boom
Cord Length 5.5 ft (1.6764 m)
Ear Seals Foam
FAA TSO Approvals C57a and C58a
Frequency Response 100-3000 Hz
Impedance 150-600 Ω
Microphone Frequency Response 300-5000 Hz
Microphone Impedance 50-600 Ω
Microphone Sensitivity -51 dBV/Pa
Microphone Type Noise-Cancelling Electret
Speaker Dynamic
Speaker Sensitivity 90 SPL/mW
Stereo No
Weight 3.2 oz (90.7 g)

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