Low Profile Kneeboard Adapter and Black Kneeboard Combo

Производитель: Fly Boys, Inc
Артикул: 7398

This combination item combines our Fly Boys FB1316 Pilot Kneeboard and LOW PROFILE Kneeboard Adapter all in special combination price.

The Fly Boys kneeboard is a favorite of military customers as well as any pilot faced with limited cockpit real estate. If your aircraft does not suit or cannot use a suction cup for mounting or you simply desire the security and utility the familiar kneeboard provides, we highly recommend this amazing combination.

Brand new offering in response to the MANY comments and great feedback we got from up and down the spectrum of aviators out there.

FB1316 for this combo is available in BLACK. The package includes FB1316-BLK and PC-ADAPT-1316.

Optimized for the PIVOT MINI, the PIVOT AIR works well too! DON'T FORGET YOUR PIVOT CASE.