Квадрокоптер Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Drone c 4K HD камерой

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Professional quality video, yet easy to fly

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS or simply drones) are one of the hottest trends in aviation right now. The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K combines a camera with amazing video quality, with an easy to fly system. Includes everything you need to get flying quickly and shoot incredible video. The perfect mix of advanced capabilities and pilot-friendly design, it features a stable quadcopter, an intuitive remote control and an integrated 4K video camera. You'll have fun, stay safe and create better videos.

An all-in-one aerial imaging solution
A complete system that is factory assembled and test flown, the Typhoon Q500 4K is designed to attract new drone pilots to the joy of flying, as well as to meet the needs of experienced pilots. Pilots will appreciate the Smart Mode and Home Mode features. These flight modes allow a new pilot to learn to fly the quadcopter in a simple intuitive way. The built in camera captures smooth, steady aerial video and still images in vivid detail. A built-in 5.8GHz Wi-Fi link allows pilots to control the camera and view streaming video of their flights on their screen of the ST10+ personal controller (included). 

Each Typhoon is factory assembled and test flown so you can count on it to work right out of the box. Everything you need is included and ready to go, offering you a complete aerial film making tool in a box. Includes drone, remote control with video screen, 4K camera, SD card, two batteries, battery charger and carrying case.

You'll notice the Yuneec difference on your first video. The built-in 12 megapixel, 4K HD camera includes outstanding 3-axis image stabilization and records videos in an immersive 130° field of view. The image quality is simply remarkable, and the camera is adjustable right from the remote control. With the Q500 4K, it's never been easier to capture amazing photographs and video footage for a wide variety of uses. 

A real-time feed from your camera is displayed on the ST10+ Personal Ground Station Controller, giving you a perfect view of what the camera sees to frame your shots. You don't have to guess at what the Typhoon sees - it's right in front of you at all times.

You'll feel like a pro the first time you fly the Q500 4K. With a built-in GPS and compass, it will hold a perfect hover if you take your hands off the controls. There are also three flight modes:

    Smart Mode is for new fliers, as it uses the drone’s built-in GPS to establish a 26 foot diameter “SAFE Circle” around the pilot. In Smart Mode, the Q500 4K will always move in the direction the control stick is pushed relative to the pilot. If you push the stick to the left the Q500 4K will always move to the left, regardless of the direction the nose is pointing. In this mode, the Q500 4K will also hold its position and maintain a level attitude when the control stick is centered. Finally, there is also a “geo-fence” or virtual "barrier" that will keep the Q500 4K from traveling farther than 300 feet from the home or takeoff position.
    Pilot or Angle Mode is all about aerial videography. It is the mode preferred by experienced RC/drone pilots because the Q500 4K will move in the direction the control stick is pushed relative to the front/nose of the aircraft. It also gives the pilot more control authority by turning off the SAFE Circle and allowing steeper bank and pitch angles. This makes it possible to get faster panning and tracking shots when you’re shooting high-energy, action video. There is no “geo-fence” in Pilot Mode so the aircraft will fly to an altitude of 400 feet above ground level, which is the maximum altitude allowed by the FAA.
    Home Mode is a safety feature that can be activated at any time with the simple flip of a switch. When activated, the Q500 4K will automatically return to its “home point” and land within a 10 foot circle of where it took off. It’s great for first-time flyers who aren’t quite ready to land the aircraft themselves or experienced pilots who lose sight of the aircraft. If for whatever reason the transmitter signal is lost, Return Home will take over and fly the Q500 4K back to you until it lands or the signal is restored.